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March 14-16

The Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia (EEA) Annual Conference (www.eealliance.org) "Trends, Tricks and Traditions"

Unicoi State Park, Helen

Network with educators from across Georgia while participating in seminars and hands-on sessions on current trends, new information, research and the classic tricks in environmental education that make it all work! Take educational field trips and enjoy an amazing auction and evening socials as you meet others in the field of environmental education that want to share their ideas and gain knowledge just like you! Cost is expected to be $175-$200 for full registration, which includes all meals, banquet and the social. The price does not include lodging or field trips. Registration form and conference details will be posted on the EEA Web site (www.eealliance.org).


June 23-27

4th Annual Georgia Teacher Conservation Workshop

Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center, Mansfield, GA ( here)

The five-day workshop "Exploring Forestry and Wildlife in Georgia," (http://gfagrow.org/programs/georgia-tcw/) will focus on conservation topics related to the benefits of forestry, including the cycle of growing trees, using trees for products and how trees are managed for wildlife habitat. The center will host the event with the Georgia Forestry Commission (http://www.gfc.state.ga.us/) and the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division (www.georgiawildlife.com). Participants will be certified in Project Learning Tree (http://gfagrow.org/programs/georgia-project-learning-tree/), Project WILD ( /projectwild_education.aspx) and Project WET (http://www.gaprojectwet.org/gawet_index.asp) upon completion. Teachers will be able to receive 3 PLU (Professional Learning Units) after completing the workshop. Due to the workshops generous sponsors, including various forestry and wildlife organizations, all field trips, lodging, meals and teacher resource kits will be included in the $25 registration fee. This event is open to Georgia educators of grades 5-12. Deadline to apply is April 15. For more information, contact Carla Rapp at (478) 992-8110 or carla@gfagrow.org; or Walter Lane at (770) 784-3064, walter.lane@dnr.ga.gov

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