Buy or Renew a Wildlife License Plate

Funds from license plate purchases and renewals are the largest source of contributions to the Bobwhite Quail Initiative and Georgia’s Wildlife Conservation Fund (created by state law, the fund benefits endangered and nongame wildlife and plants through conservation, education, land acquisition and recreation projects). About 97 percent of the Wildlife Resources Division's work with nongame species—or wildlife not legally fished for or hunted—is supported solely by fundraisers, grants and direct contributions. And no state appropriations are allocated for our work involving quail. For both programs, wildlife tag sales and renewals are the main source of local funds.


Eagle in front of Flag License Plate

Eagle, Bobwhite Quail, Humming Bird, Eagle Fishing License Plates

Buying a bald eagle or a ruby-throated hummingbird plate supports Georgia’s Nongame Wildlife Conservation Fund. Established by state law, this fund benefits endangered and nongame wildlife and plants through conservation, education, land acquisition and recreation projects. Renewing these and the older eagle plates also supports this work. The nongame plates make up more than half of all contributions to the Wildlife Conservation Fund, providing vital funds the division’s Nongame Conservation Section has used to conserve wildlife such as gopher tortoises and bald eagles, and help acquire thousands of acres of wildlands open to Georgians.

The new eagle and U.S. flag design, introduced in August 2016, is a throw-back to the older eagle-and-flag image that was one of Georgia’s most popular specialty plates.

Please note: The soaring eagle design is being retired. As of August 2016, some of these plates are still in stock at some county tag offices. If you want to buy one, check soon with your local tag office. Supplies are limited and no more of this design will be produced. If your county does have those plates in stock, the new design may be temporarily unavailable at that office.

Bobwhite Quail License Plate

Georgia’s bobwhite quail, white-tailed deer and wild turkey plate, as well as the older quail-and-deer plate, contributes directly to the Bobwhite Quail Initiative, which has created critical habitat for quail nesting, feeding and cover. This program has positively affected more than 20,000 acres for quail, songbirds and other native animals and plants that depend on this habitat.

Trout License Plate

Each purchase or renewal of a Trout Unlimited license plate supports Georgia’s trout conservation and management programs. These efforts affect trout production, stocking and stream restoration throughout North Georgia.


DNR wildlife plates cost only $25 more than a standard “peach” plate to buy or for annual renewal, thanks to a 2014 law change that rolled back the cost of DNR plates and dedicated more of the fees to wildlife. For all of Georgia’s license plates, including standard tags, there is also a $20 registration fee each year, plus applicable ad-valorem taxes. 

For plates, $19 of each purchase and $20 of every renewal goes to help wildlife. For the Wildlife Resources Division plates, as much as 80 percent of the fee is dedicated to the programs that need this support.

Buy or renew your tag and show your support for wildlife in Georgia!

Check out these wild tags at your county tag office or online (listed under "Special interest: Apply through county tag office"). Make a bold statement for wildlife conservation by outfitting your vehicle with one of these eye-catching designs.

Buy a Wildlife Tag—It’s Easy!

At your county tag office:

  1. Ask for a wildlife plate—an eagle, hummingbird, quail-and-deer or trout designs.
  2. Pay the fee. Wildlife plates cost only $25 more than a standard peach plate. The total cost is $25 for the plate, plus the standard $20 registration fee you will pay for any tag and any applicable ad-valorem taxes.
  3. Receive a temporary tag from the county (specialty plates are usually not stocked).
  4. Watch the mail for your wildlife tag. It can arrive as soon as within a week!

When buying a car:

Many Georgia car dealers offer the option to purchase a tag when you buy a vehicle. Simply ask them to upgrade you to a wildlife tag when you're asked what kind of tag you want!

Renewing Your Wildlife Tag

Wildlife plates can be renewed online in most counties, or at your local tag office.
Upgrade Now Poster

Renewing a wildlife tag costs only $25 a year, plus the standard $20 registration fee and applicable ad-valorem taxes. In almost all counties, renewals are timed to coincide with your birthday.

If you have an older wildlife tag, like those below, remember that renewing provides the same significant support for conserving Georgia wildlife!

Why add an eagle plate?

The new bald eagle and American flag image is a throw-back to one of Georgia’s most popular specialty plates, the eagle-and-flag tag that first went on sale in December 2003. The soaring eagle that replaced that older design in 2013 used the entire license plate for the image, not just a small part.

The return to the eagle and flag combines the richer design option with the iconic imagery that provided tremendous support for conserving Georgia’s rare wildlife, native plants and natural habitats.

Can I keep my current tag?

Yes. You can renew it every year, as usual.

If you want to change to another wildlife plate, you can buy the design of your choice for $25. The annual renewal will be the same (renewals for all Georgia license plates also includes a standard $20 registration fee and applicable ad-valorem taxes. In almost all counties, renewals are timed to coincide with your birthday).